Our OEM sourcing team cooperated with over 700 authorized vendors in worldwide to achieve the customers' requirements and the possibility in steady production as below categories:

Metal Processing & Manufacturing Products
  • Metal stamping products
  • Casting products
  • Forging products
  • Cutting processing products
  • Aluminum extrusion products
  • Screws, bolts, nuts
Molding Plastic Products
  • Injection molding products
  • Blow molding products
  • Vacuum forming products
  • Extrusion products
Electronic Components
  • LCD, LED, resistance components, condenser
  • Power Cable, Lamp connector, Fuse, etc.
Assembly Products
  • Assembling furniture: Arena, cinema, auditorium chair, school chair set, 3C products, etc..
  • Medical care products: Furniture style toilet chair, stainless skidproof chair, handrail, parts of portable toilet, etc..
Logistics Products
  • Tire, wheel, caster, rim
  • Palletainer, pallet (mesh box pallet, roller box pallet)
  • PP, PE granule, etc.
  • Steel bars, stainless steel stick
  • Aluminum foil, etching foil